Women dealing with the struggles of infertility issues, will try ALL things to get pregnant. Whether or not there is any truth or science to it. From fertility teas to smoothies, countless products are advertised to desperate couples wanting to find the answer to their problems.

I know I was one of them searching for a cure all answer. One of the ideas posed to me was fertility and massage.

You mean if I get this special fertility massage I’ll get pregnant. Well then sign me up! Any massage pampering sounds good right about now. So what is it and does it help with fertility?

As always, this is not meant to be taken as medical advice or a diagnosis, please seek your doctor’s advice if fertility massage is safe and right for you preconception (while you’re trying to conceive).

Massages, once pregnant, in the first trimester, are not advised. And later during your pregnancy, only prenatal massages by licensed and trained massage therapists are recommended.

Fertility Massage

Fertility massage centers on a type of deep tissue massage around the abdomen area combined with foot reflexology.

Massage of the stomach increases circulation which is believed to improve fertility. Pressure applied to acupuncture points in the feet around the inside and outside of your ankles is also said to boost fertility because it connects to the uterus, ovaries, and other reproductive organs.

Massage of the neck and shoulder areas is also done to relieve tension.

If you can’t get to a spa to get a fertility massage due to COVID-19 closures, you can also resort to doing a self fertility massage in the comfort of your home. A self fertility massage involves deep circular strokes around your stomach, rib cage, and hips. Here is a link to a video to show what a self fertility massage looks like.

It is advised not to do a self fertility massage during your menstruation, your transfer period (if you’re undergoing assisted reproductive treatment), or while pregnant.


According to Hethir Rodriguez, a certified herbalist, nutritionist, and birth doula, some benefits of fertility massage are:

  • Helps to reposition a tilted uterus
  • Promotes hormonal balance
  • Massage helps to break up scar tissue
  • Helps to bring fresh blood to the uterus
  • Helps to reduce stress & stress hormones
  • Increases circulation to the uterus & cervix
  • Improves endocrine system communication
  • Encourages the liver to get rid of excess hormones
  • Promotes hormonal balance by strengthening the hormonal feedback loop
  • Helps the body to rid itself of old stagnant blood and tissues

Ultimately, the benefits of a fertility massage is stress relief. Some research has shown that stress on a women’s body affects ovulation which impacts the chances of conception.

The more cortisol, stress hormone, a body has affects the reproductive and endocrine system. This can be said for men too. So less stress in one’s life would be beneficial for all. Of course, we all have stress in our daily lives, the key is to know how to manage it and not let it consume you.

Does it work?

There is no conclusive research that shows fertility massages improve fertility or increases your chances of getting pregnant naturally or with the assistance of IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF (in vitro fertilization).

Your mental health matters especially in such trying and unprecedented times, so if some pampering and massage helps you ease some stress, then that’s all that matters.


There are many resources that can be found online regarding fertility massage to further your research and help you decide if this is right for you.

Self Fertility Massage – This one I referenced earlier is quite popular with many positive customer feedback. According to Amazon’s editorial review, “the Self Fertility Massage DVD is a series of massage techniques that are used to help support reproductive health, the menstrual cycle, and your fertility. This natural fertility therapy was created to help women apply the fertility massage techniques for themselves. Self Fertility Massage is a very effective and low cost way to boost your fertility naturally and help reduce the effects of fertility issues on your body. The Self Fertility Massage DVD shows you step-by-step how to perform fertility massage therapy on your own body. Certified Massage Therapist, Hethir Rodriguez, teaches you how to use specific massage therapy techniques to improve your fertility.”

Fertility Massage for Women – This book discusses the Malay Uterus Massage which assists women with healing reproductive issues that affect fertility. An Amazon reader describes the book as “the book doesn’t teach the method but shares vital information about importance of having a healthy aligned uterus and its relation with overall well-being, including the different ailments that are involved in womb and reproductive diseases. If you’re searching about fertility and IVF and how the massage will benefit you in the process, this book is a must.”

Reflexology for Fertility – While this book is more for practitioners or reflexologists, it gave interesting info regarding “Reproflexology” – a new term created by author Barbara Scott – to improve fertility and support treatments through this type of reflexology.

Check out these resources on fertility massage and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Rest and Relaxation

You’ve probably heard countless times, if you’re having difficulty conceiving, from people who know tell you “oh, you just have to rest and relax.” If it was only that simple right?

It’s not that easy to rest or relax especially when you’re undergoing fertility treatments. All the appointments and procedures, shots and medications, and countless times of waiting for results are very stressful.

If a fertility massage would give you some needed rest and relaxation from all the fertility struggles and chaos of today’s times, I would try it out. Just like how meditation, acupuncture, or yoga may relieve your stress, the use of fertility massage may do that for you too.

There may not be a scientific connection between fertility and massage, but as I learned through this infertility journey of mine – it takes a lil bit of science and a whole lot of faith, hope, and love to get you through this.

Have you tried fertility massage? What was your experience and do you feel it improved your chances of getting pregnant? Feel free to share your thoughts and comment below. Would love to hear from you!

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  1. very interesting and i do feel for couples who can’t have children and any sort of hope is regarded in my opinion as a good thing. If this actually was a proven study then this would be a fantastic and the fact that you can do it yourself at home makes it even better as it eliminates the embarrassment. top job 

  2. I must admit I am learning a lot about fertility from reading your articles, and I do find it interesting massage may assist in fertility. It is amazing the benefits massaging your tummy can provide, and even if it does not improve fertility it does provide so many other amazing health benefits


  3. I had never heard of fertility massages. Good te read about it, Dana. Not that any massage would help me anymore, sorry, couldn’t resist saying. But as I am a grandmother of 2 you understand why it doesn’t help me anymore 🙂
    Anyway, I love massages. Bodymassages and foot reflexology. I give myself this every day after swimming. Lovely!

  4. This topic is very close to my heart. I shall try the abdominal massage and foot reflexology that you have highlighted in this article. Please do advice if anything else that is proven to work. I’m happy to try anything.

    Many Thanks

    Best wishes

    1. A healthy diet and daily exercise are key to a healthy reproductive system. More info under men’s health can be found on my site https://ivfcorner.com
      Let me know what works for you or if you have any further questions. Thanks for reading and take care!

  5. This is the first time that I am hearing of the fertility massage. I wasn’t expecting that there was a type of massage that actually focuses on helping women who have issues with getting pregnant. This is very nice because if it actually works then it will help one of my family friends who have been married for years now. I think I should share this post with them.

  6. Hi Dana,

    This is a really important article and will benefit many. I have two friends who are expecting a baby. They haven’t had any problems yet but I have forwarded this article onto them as I think they would find it interesting and will be helpful to prepare just incase.

    I have encouraged them to comment and if they have any questions then they should get in touch. If that is OK with you?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work.

    All the best,


  7. Hey Dana, thanks so much for putting out content on such an important topic. Like always, this post of yours also brings light and hope not just to those women struggling to conceive but those who want to in the future as well. I am in my mid 30;s and plan to have kids of my own one day, god-willing. but it scares me that because of my age, I might also have problems. Your website is something I am definitely bookmarking in case i need to refer back to it. In the meantime, I am going to share this post with another friend of mine who has been looking to start IVF seriously but is still too worried. You have a lot of great articles that could benefit her greatly. Keep doing what you do and may god make it easy for everyone who wants to have a baby.

  8. What a great topic and article. I know for experience that acupuncture can help with many health problems, as well as being quite relaxing. Thank you for all the great information. Will pass this on to others

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