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Fertility and Yoga – Does it Help with IVF?

When trying to conceive, whether through natural or assisted methods, it is always important to eat healthy and exercise daily. Eating your fruits and veggies, staying hydrated by drinking lots of water, and taking your prenatal multivitamins are important first steps. Exercise is just as important. One way to do that is through fertility yoga. …

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IVF and Meditation – How Guided Fertility Meditation Works

Dealing with infertility and having to undergo IVF (in vitro fertilization) is very stressful. Nothing can truly prepare you physically, emotionally, and financially the struggles you are about to endure. IVF and meditation is how I survived the stress, anxiety, sadness, and anger of this heartbreaking journey. Research has shown that stress impacts fertility which …

Emotional Health Product Review

IVF and Miscarriage – Miscarriage Awareness and Support

1 in 8 couples suffer from infertility in the United States. Infertility affects both women and men. It does not discriminate; affects people from all walks of life. 1 in 4 experience pregnancy loss. 1 in 100 experience recurrent pregnancy loss. As a woman who experienced IVF and miscarriage – let’s shed some light on …