Everyone’s road to parenthood is unique and special. Our road was a very bumpy one with lots of twists and turns via IVF. Sometimes I just wanted to take a detour and stop because I simply was lost and had no more gas in the tank. One thing I wished I did while undergoing the in vitro fertilization process was journaling. I wished I found the best pregnancy journal for my IVF journey. 

To be able to write about my thoughts and feelings because I wasn’t open about it would have really eased some stress. To write down all the appointments and medications to take at certain times because those were a lot to remember. To document all the names of doctors, specialists, nurses, and clinics we encountered would have been helpful. And simply to be able to take a look back at the struggles and joys we encountered in that moment of time in our lives would have been a precious keepsake.

For all these reasons, I highly recommend using a pregnancy journal to ease your stress. But not just any pregnancy journal detailing hopefully 9 months of pregnancy. You need a pregnancy journal that will help you with your IVF journey. One that contains specific information that is unique to couples undergoing IVF.

Here are the 3 best pregnancy journals I wish I had during my IVF journey –

The IVF Planner by Monica Bivas

Based on her personal experiences with IVF, author Monica Bivas created this journal to help you organize the IVF process, handle stress better, and bring focus and clarity to your personal IVF journey.

She created The IVF Planner both as an information guide and for you to write your own story. She covers everything from the basics of the process to financing to having a support network.

Monica Bivas is a fertility coach, writer, and founder of The IVF Journey, an online support community for couples seeking or undergoing IVF treatment.

Bivas states that “the IVF journey, no matter the end result – negative, positive, or even canceled cycles – takes strength, takes courage, and teaches you to be disciplined. Though expensive and challenging, it’s a journey to be proud of.”

Some reader reviews from Amazon –

Miss N gave it a 5 star ranking and says its inspirational – a must have book.
“Monica Bivas gives you a true account of the emotional & challenging roller coaster of a journey that IVF can bring to so many women. This book gives you hope, and a real insight as to what is to come along the way. Reading this book, you no longer feel alone. Monica has been through the most unthinkable events that no women should NEVER experience in life. However, she has come out of this with positivity, and of course, her beautiful rainbow baby 🙂 I would recommend this book, as it’s an educational working aid to give you full support through the whole IVF journey. This isn’t just a book, it’s a must have! Monica has covered every aspect. She has left no stone unturned. She’s an inspiration and a kind and warm loving soul! I personally have learned so much from her. Let Monica and this book help you bring your rainbow baby to you.”

Stephh302 gave it a 5 star ranking and so thankful.

“I am so glad I came across this book/journal. Every single step was explained so well and in detail. Better explained than how my doctor explained the process. There’s lots of space to write down thoughts & feelings as well as your medications, dates, embryo development and coloring pages to keep yourself occupied during the 2ww. I am currently waiting to do my FET and continue to take advantage of my journal as I wait. This journal has made the IVF journey a wonderful and positive experience!”

The IVF Journal by Stephanie Fry

This journal provides the solution for managing practitioners, tests, medications, appointments, procedures, finances, and the emotional aspects of your journey.

It was written by author Stephanie Fry who was also an IVF patient, so she personally knows what is involved in an IVF cycle. She provides guidance before, during, and after your cycle so you can stay informed, reduce stress, and have a more positive IVF cycle experience no matter what the outcome.

The IVF Journal is designed to be customized to your specific situation. It has calendars, charts, logs, and worksheets that you can personalize and help you stay organized which is very important when going through an IVF cycle. There are just so many things to remember and keep track of.

The best thing I found about this journal is that you can track and compare multiple cycles side by side. Women who have gone through this know your first cycle is not always successful. It takes an average of almost 3 IVF cycles to conceive if not more. So seeing firsthand what worked or didn’t work would be helpful. And other users said it was good for both women and men.

Here are some editorial reviews found on Amazon –

“I loved The IVF Journal. It is beautifully and sensitively written by someone who has been there; it is packed with ideas and suggestions on how to reduce stress prior to, during, and after an IVF cycle; and it is a much needed resource to all IVF patients.”

Alice D. Domar, Ph.D, Executive Director of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health at Boston IVF, Associate Clinical Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, Harvard Medical School, and author of Conquering Infertility

“It’s obvious that Stephanie has not only been through the process, but knows all too well what is required to navigate it successfully. I highly recommend The IVF Journal to anyone who wants to keep their sanity. It’s like having your very own intelligent, organized, and compassionate personal assistant through the entire IVF journey!”

Marc Sedaka, Author of What to Expect When She’s Not Expecting

Other reader reviews from Amazon –

5 star rating from Ashley Thon who says it’s a wonderful journal for both.
“This has been a wonderful resource for BOTH me and my husband. He likes the information that the book has about tax info and other things while I like the places I can jot down notes on the procedures and appointments that I have had. Thank you for having such a wonderful tool for such a trying event in a person’s life. There is also great (emotional) information on how to expect to feel!”

Niki also gave it a 5 star rating and said she desperately needed this.
“I’m in the pre-cycle part of my first IVF experience and I received this book today and couldn’t be happier with what I’ve read so far. It’s a no-hold-barred view of the ups and downs of the process, and I love the way she writes and the reading is fluid and I can’t appreciate it more. Thank you for giving women (and men) the truth and providing the knowledge you uncovered having been through this tough journey!”

My IVF Journal

And if you just want a blank IVF journal to document anything and everything related to your journey this is for you. My IVF Journal has blank lined paper in a beautifully designed front and back cover. The best thing I loved about it is that every page has an inspirational quote to help you stay motivated.

Many readers from Amazon gave these as gifts to people who they knew were going through the IVF process. How wonderful is that!

An Amazon customer gave it a 5 star rating and described it as pretty.
“I gave this gift to my sister and she loved it and began writing in it almost immediately. Very pretty feminine design.”

Ashtyn Ray gave it 5 stars and said “amazing and loved it.”

Use it as Stress Relief

Use journaling as a stress relief tool, not to overwhelm you. You don’t need to feel like you need to do it daily and if you miss things to document, it’s ok. Journaling is meant to be a stress reliever, not to cause more stress because you didn’t complete it.

Use it to give you hope and strength to get through your hardest days. Use it to give you happiness to celebrate your joys in life. Use journaling as a way to write your own story and be proud of it.

Final Thoughts

Your IVF journey is unique and special. It has made you the woman you are meant to be. Your mental health matters more than ever going through this difficult process. Use journaling with the best pregnancy journal for you to manage your stress and take care of your mental health. Whichever journal you decide to use to document your journey, may it ease your stress and open your heart to its endless possibilities.

Do you like journaling? If you went through IVF, did you use a pregnancy journal? Please share your thoughts on what helped you. Feel free to comment below.

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  1. Hi Dana. I’m glad I found your site. And I’m grateful for your suggestions. I have already come across Monica Bivas journal and it’s super helpful. In my opinion, the main strength of her journal relies on the fact that she helps us handle stress better.

    I’ll definitely check your other two suggestions. Hopefully they’re as good as the first.


  2. Journaling is a great tool and it provides many benefits from stress relief as you mentioned to one of my favorites improved writing skills. I wish I would have thought about journaling during my pregnancies because I had pretty rough ones myself. I can see how it would be a great idea to have an IVF journal as since that could a stressful time you would definitely need to write down your thoughts and feelings to help you cope. Great post!

  3. Best pregnancy journal for your IVF journey is something women should seriously consider purchasing, and even though I am a guy I have used journals to achieve the majority of my goals I would never have simply by using something as simple as a journal to keep me focused and on track.


  4. Journaling is a great way to deal with stress, very true. It is important to write down what emotions you are experiencing, it helps you deal with them much more easily. Monica’s journal is a great idea to help women who are going through the IVF process. I have never done this, but I heard how stressful it can be and how long the journey sometimes can take.

  5. Great article and very helpful information that will definitely help someone the same way it did you it’s great to see how things help others and then to see them pass it on to another person and it be from real life experiences that’s what people look for more than anything Is hearing or seeing how well something realy works and I think you’ve done a wonderful job of that here it’s great to see people actually trying to help another person and pregnancy is not an easy time in someone’s life it comes with lots of hard times and new experiences

  6. Hi Dana, and thanks for pointing out this specific diary.
    I know a couple of women who are going through IVF and this type of journal is an awesome idea for a gift.
    I can’t imagine how hard it must be to go through all that. As women, we all expect to be able to get pregnant with ease, yet difficulties are more common than we realize.
    To receive a journal from someone who’s gone through the process would be welcomed, I’m sure.
    Thanks again,

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