Getting the news of our diagnosis of infertility was devastating. But finding out that we could conceive through the help of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) was a blessing.

Now our focus was to find the best fertility clinics that would help us conceive our miracle. My husband and I were very fortunate to have come across two of the best fertility clinics that truly helped and supported us in our IVF journey.

The first one was the Nevada Center for Reproductive Medicine in Reno, Nevada. Dr. Foulk, Dr. Whitten, and the entire staff of nurses became like family to us. I was in and out of the clinic on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis.

They witnessed us feel our most gut-wrenching heartaches and celebrated our joys when we conceived our daughter almost 13 years ago. Finally signing our names on their huge tree plaque on their wall after I gave birth was so rewarding. They truly gave us the gift of life.

We continued our IVF journey five years ago at Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute with Dr. Kosasa in Honolulu, Hawaii. We are forever grateful to my local ob/gyn Dr. Shieh for referring me to them.

The ohana (family) feeling was felt the moment we stepped into their office. Every phone call and clinic visit was met with warmth and sincerest support for us. The nurses even watched our daughter while my husband and I went in for our treatments.

So if you’re dealing with infertility and your next step is to choose the best fertility clinic for you – Here’s 5 tips to choose the right one for you:

1. Feel Comfortable

You are going to be spending lots of time in this clinic (more than you ever want to), so the most important factor to consider when choosing the best fertility clinic for you is to feel comfortable.

How the doctors and staff treat you, answer all your questions (there’s no bad or wrong question to ask), and are responsive to your physical, emotional, and financial needs is crucial. You’ll know if you’re comfortable when you go in for your first consultation or even when you followup with a phone call for clarification or questions you forgot to ask initially.

At the fertility clinics we worked with, I honestly didn’t feel like just a patient, but a partner with them in this journey.

2. Type of Services Offered

Determine the type of services offered whether it will be through IUI or IVF and services for your partner as well. My husband had to do a PESA and they were able to do that at the same clinic. Blood tests were also done at the fertility clinic so that saved us a trip to a different lab. Results were faster to get and the nurse giving the results knew us personally.

We also later did embryo cryopreservation which the clinic offered for future IVF cycles. The fertility clinic also partnered with a fertility counselor to help us with the stress of the IVF process. This helped us greatly in overcoming our fears and managing our stress. All these options that the fertility clinic offered us helped us determine which fertility clinic to choose.

3. Experience of Doctors

You also want a doctor who is experienced with your type of infertility, whether it’s because of the male factor, endometriosis, or ovulatory dysfunction – choose a doctor who is knowledgeable in that area.

You want to choose a doctor who is Board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility. Don’t be shy to ask questions about the doctor’s experience and success rates – you’re ultimately investing your life into their hands.

Check into their embryology lab as well – which is where the magic happens. The quality of the lab plays a critical role in the success of your IVF treatment. You can check the CDC website for more information and success rates of individual fertility clinics around the nation.

4. Cost of Treatment Plans

Cost of infertility treatment plans, whether through IUI or IVF, are not cheap. Add on medications, ultrasounds, lab work, and other surgical procedures, your treatment plan can cost a fortune if your insurance plan does not provide any coverage.

Ask your potential fertility clinic what are the prices and the associated costs of the recommended procedures. So you are aware and can make sound financial arrangements.

The fertility clinic I chose also did a great job in working with our insurance provider. Payment plans were easily made and they worked seamlessly to determine coverage with pharmacies as well.

Many fertility clinics are now offering IVF grants – where they cover your treatment for one full cycle or offer discounts if you pay for several cycles in advance. That is definitely something to consider to make infertility treatment more cost effective for you.

5. Word of Mouth Referral

And lastly, word of mouth referrals from family, friends, or even coworkers are usually the best and should be taken into consideration. Another person’s positive or even negative experience with a fertility clinic can assist you in finding the best clinic for you.

If you still feel unsure about your first option, don’t feel afraid to seek a second or even third opinion. This is a huge process you are about to embark on, so choose a fertility clinic that works best for you.

5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Fertility Clinic For You

So the 5 tips to consider when choosing the best fertility clinic for you is:

  1. Feel comfortable with the clinic and its staff.
  2. Determine the type of services offered and which of those apply to you.
  3. Ask about the doctor’s experience and the quality of the embryology lab.
  4. Check the cost of fertility treatment plans – if they accept your insurance or have IVF grants to apply for.
  5. Seek word of mouth referrals. It doesn’t hurt to ask around for other people’s experience.

Having a diagnosis of infertility is not the end of your conception plans. With the advancement of science and technology, your dreams to parenthood could be only steps away by choosing the best fertility clinic. Document all your questions and answers in convenient journals for your sanity and keepsake purposes.

We were very fortunate to have partnered with two amazing fertility clinics to help us build our family. The memories we shared with them will be forever cherished and never forgotten. I wish you the very best in your journey to find the best fertility clinic for you.

What did you look for in a fertility clinic? Feel free to share in the comments below your thoughts and ideas.

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  1. It was lovely reading your heartwarming story and I am so glad you have two wonderful experiences to share about two great clinics that you used. I am sure this will be a big help to couples who need this service to read your article and all about your experiences.

    Do you know what the average timeline is for couples to fall pregnant, as obviously it doesn’t always work on the first try? It would be interesting to know the statistics so that a couple could budget accordingly.

  2. I love this. I think feeling comfortable is the most important, because its such a sensitive thing to go through. Just having that comfort while going through the process makes everything else including the money that much easier to deal with.

    1. Exactly, feeling comfortable is key when dealing with all sorts of things related to infertility. You want to choose a clinic that you honestly feel will have your best interests at heart. Thanks for reading and feel free to share with others who may benefit.

  3. This is an excellent article who will help a lot of people that need to choose a fertility clinic. I actually have a friend who need this advice here, I will share the article with her and help her choose the best fertility clinic. The five tips you share a on point, especially the first one, you need to feel comfortable. Thank you very much

    Kind regards,


  4. Helping couples choose the best fertility clinics is a wonderful gesture you are doing, you know this is the second article on fertility I have read today. I really honestly had no idea this was such a problem for couples until today, and you are doing a very sweet gesture by providing information to help couples with fertility problems.


  5. Wow! It’s amazing that nowadays even such a delicate problem has its solution.

    Thank you for sharing these tips and your first-hand experience. I hope every couple in the world could build a family of their dreams.

    Keep up the great work with your website, I find it very helpful.

    Best Wishes,


  6. These are some really good tips and it makes a lot of sense. I wouldn’t want to go somewhere if I wasn’t having a good experience with the doctors. When you are speaking about fertility, time is of the essence so making these decisions will likely be key to your success. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Dana,
    I appreciated your thoughtful insight into finding the right IVF facility. There are a lot of factors that go into this. Your first point to feel comfortable with the clinic and its staff is critical. The doctor needs to be empathetic to the needs of the patient. You talked about the costs of IVF. How was it working with insurance companies to cover the costs? Was it a good experience? Thanks for your post!

    1. Hi Robert! We were fortunate that our insurance provided coverage for IVF treatment and the fertility clinic was always willing to work with them, instead of us having to do all the leg work. Thanks for reading!

  8. This article Best Fertility Clinics – Choosing the Right One For You, is a wonderful comparison of the best places to go to for infertility. It covers a lot of questions one has about the need for medical intervention. 

    The 5 Tips that you have given to help Choose the Best Fertility Clinic For me is a great tip. Thank u for this nice article. 


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